It's forbidden:

- Urinating in swimming pools;

- Spitting or blowing your nose into the pool water and onto the floors;

- Run, push or perform any act that may disturb other people;

- Eat, drink, smoke, chew gum in the bathing area;

- Carry out acts likely to harm public morals;

- Carry out actions likely to jeopardize your physical integrity and that of other people;

- Running diving;

- Jumps (bombs) to the pools;

- Use of balls except in authorized places;

- Use of mattresses;

- Entry of animals;

- Entrance of food / drinks to the enclosure;

- The entry of children without the supervision of a responsible adult;

- Use objects of adornment inside the pools;

Is required:

- Wear clothing permitted by the Regulatory Law, namely a bathing suit or unadorned bathing shorts and slippers;

- Have a general behavior of maximum correction within the entire enclosure, with special focus on the changing rooms and changing rooms, not slamming doors, shouting or talking loudly, nor letting the water in the showers run or splashing water outside;

- Go through the footbath and use the shower before entering the tank, in order to ensure better hygiene, respecting all existing fences and barriers;

- Comply with the instructions given by the guards/employees;